White Label SMS service

Atomic SMS Merchant Panel is a rebrandable SMS messaging interface. You can create your own business using a ready-made solution without spending time and money on developing your own SMS service. With this software, you and your clients can send text messages worldwide and get statistics about your SMS broadcasts.

What do you need?
What do we provide?

You need an active Atomic SMS Sender account (register here) with a positive balance ($300 or more) and, preferably, your own web server.

We provide access to the Merchant Panel script located on our server and consisting of two parts: the administrative and customizable client-side panel.

Configure the Merchant Panel and customize the design of the pages so that they match the exact look and feel of your website.

Upon your request, we customize the Atomic SMS Sender programm interface to match your brand. We take care of all technical issues related to sending your SMS messages.

Manage clients on your SMS service. Set custom prices for some clients if needed.

Set a special reseller price as agreed during the negotiations.

Create your branded text messaging business with minimum expense using our software and expertise.

To apply for the merchant panel please send your request to tech@atompark.com and make sure to mention the email you used to register your Atomic SMS Sender account.

Atomic SMS Advantages

  • Worldwide delivery
  • Free alphanumeric sender name
  • Affordable prices
  • Flexible discount policy and great offers for resellers
  • SMS delievery reports
  • High speed of sending messages
  • Open АPI for integration with any projects
  • Reliability (our compnay is on the email and text messaging market since 2001)
Partner with Us!

Join our partnership program and earn up to 50% on each sale!

We pay to our leading resellers about $3,000-5,000 each month.