AtomPark Email Marketing Software Exclusive Reselling

Today, using the right tool for specific marketing operations is crucial, at AtomPark Software, we have a fine understanding of this. And in order to provide our customers located all over the world or those clients who have a native language other than English with high-quality strategically developed software solutions, services and support as well as quality and exhaustive information we have created our Reseller program.

If you are interested in distributing our software products on your local market, we will gladly invite your to join our exclusive partnership program.

We are seaking for long-term partners:

French - for the website at

Portuguese - for the website at

Italian - for the website at

AtomPark Software existing partners:

Exclusive partners reselling fully localized versions of emarketing solutions from AtomPark Software are:
Spanish -,
German -,
Russian - speaking users.

We will also gladly consider any localization offers to other languages.

In case of your interest please contact us.

Advantages of the Exclusive Reselling

Always up-to-day information. AtomPark Software maintains close contact with its Resellers to keep them informed about the latest news, changes, amendments and plans of the company in order to provide all Atomic products customers all over the world with equal and the most updated products and services.

Absolute control. Once a client fills out an order form at the Reseller's website, the Reseller obtains valuable information about that Clients and can start formatting his own Client Database for further using that DB within his promotional efforts.

Earn extra money. A percentage scale from 30% up to 70% gives an opportunity to earn more money making more promotional efforts. Besides, the Reseller can build his own affiliate program.

Wider opportunities. AtomPark Software's Resellers promote and sell Atomic products on their own, provided that the primary audience or circulation is located in his Territory. The Reseller:

- creates and manages his own website (which must be equal to the Company's one) to sell Atomic products in his Territory;

- chooses any registrar (Plimus or Regnow are recommended), opens and sets up an account to place a proper order link on his website. and works with a registrar setting his own account;

- defines his own prices and currency for the products (under the agreement with the Company);

- promotes and advertises Atomic products independently in advertising media of his own choice;

AtomPark Software support. The Company:

- provides Software Products' related second level technical support to Partner in English via email, open discussion forums, knowledge base articles, and by other electronic means;

- provides the Reseller with necessary informational and advertising materials bearing on the Atomic Products' promotion;

- creates on every page of its website a button switching to the Reseller language or/and linking to Reseller's regional website.

- may (under the agreement with the Reseller) share the Products advertising expense made by the Reseller.

The Exclusive Reseller is obligated

To create and manage his own website (which must be equal to the Company's one) to sell Atomic products in his Territory. The content of his web-site must be brought in correspondence with the Company's one timely.
To translate Atomic products interface and manuals into a proper language.

To provide a complete technical email and telephone support to visitors and brings the content of his web-site in correspondence with the Company's one timely.

To undertake essential promotional activities resulting in sales increase for Atomic products and enhance the Company's reputation by delivering of consistently superior client service

To submit a detailed Sales report.

To provide a certain volume of sales (a subject to discuss)

To remit to the Company its percentage in accordance with the volume of sales.

The Exclusive Reseller's remuneration

The Resellers' remuneration depends on sales volume he made through his website and makes up from 30 to 70%. We startup working with our partners under the terms of 30% commission. Subsequently the terms are revised individually and the Resellers' commissions can be increased up to 70% by mutual consent.

Exceptional efficacy of AtomPark Software Exclusive Reselling program is achieved through its flexibility. We do not lay any limits on partnership relations and we a ready to discuss and come to terms mutually interesting and advantageous to the both parties.

The only criteria we use when evaluating our feature Reseller is his active participation in developing AtomPark Software products and services, his desire to enhance the Company's reputation by delivering of consistently superior client service through the effective application of professional talents, knowledge, judgment, diligence and interpersonal skills.

Please contact us if you want to become an Exclusive Reseller for Atomic email marketing software in your region and we will discuss it.

More AtomPark Software partnership opportunities:

Partner with Us!

Join our partnership program and earn up to 50% on each sale!

We pay to our leading resellers about $3,000-5,000 each month.